Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bruce Davison | Brooke Burns | TITANIC-2

Directed by Shane Van Dyke. Produced by David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Paul Bales. Written by Shane Van Dyke.Starring by Bruce Davison, Brooke Burns, Shane Van Dyke, Marie Westbrook. Cinematography by Alexander Yellen. Editing by Mark Atkins. Distributed by The Asylum
Titanic II is a 2010 direct-to-DVD disaster film written, directed by, and starring Shane Van Dyke and distributed by The Asylum.[1] The film is not a sequel to the 1997 film by James Cameron, although movie website Dread Central has suggested the film may be a mockbuster of it. It was released Direct-to-TV in Australia on August 7, 2010. It premiered on SyFy on Sky Digital in the UK and Ireland on August 9 to a harshly negative critical reaction. It was released on August 24 in the United States.

If you can imagine the ship in this image as being only 16 feet long instead of 900 feet long, and with only one person on board instead of more than 2,000, and sinking in a balmy English harbor instead of the icy waters off of Newfoundland, then you can pretty much envision what happened to the Titanic II.Most people would think twice before buying a boat named Titanic II. And, sure enough, when Briton Mark Wilkinson took the 4.8-metre cabin cruiser out for its maiden voyage, it promptly sank."If it wasn't for the harbourmaster I would have gone down with the Titanic," Mr Wilkinson, who had to be fished out of the sea at West Bay harbour in Dorset, southern England, told local media."It's all a bit embarrassing and I got pretty fed up with people asking me if I had hit an iceberg."